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Enjoy this page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yugioh Card Report
The Manga Yu-Gi-Oh! Corp.
I have been looking at cards and I've came down with the most underrated cards in the game:                                         

1. St. Joan     
2. Amphibian Beast    
3. Fusion Gate
4. Supplement Z           
5. Enchanted Javelin   
6. Imperial Order        
7. Metalmorph
8. Snatch Steal
9. Cyber Jar
10. Senju of Thousand Hands________________________________________
11. Horn of Heaven
12. Cannon Soldier
13. Giant Soldier of Stone
14. Minor Goblin Official
15. Dark Necrofear
1. Mechanical Chaser
2. Morphing Jar
3. Dark Magician
4. Garcenia Elephantis
5. Red Eyes Black Dragon
6. Thousand Dragon
7. La Jinn the Mystical Jeanie of the Lamp
8. Gate Guardian
9. Axe Raider
10. Gaia the Fierce Knight

Okay, there you have it. Now to talk about it a little more:
Dark Necrofear: 'This card may only be Special Summoned by removing 3 Fiend-Type monsters in your graveyard from play. When this card is destroyed in battle or by your opponent's card effect, it is treated as an Equip Magic Card at the end of this turn. Equip 1 of your opponent's monsters with this card. As long as it is equipped with this card, you control the equipped monster.
Dark Necrofear is in the Labyrinth of Nightmare set and is a ULTRA RARE! Unfortunately this is a card that is hard to find but if I could get one you should, too! ATK/ 2200 DEF/2800 STARS/8 (Does it matter?) TYPE/Fiend ATTRIBUTE/Dark.

Target: Mechanicalchaser
Why you should stop looking for him:
1. Gemini Elf is easier to find and Gemini Elf is better
2. COST AROUND $150.00 on eBay plus it has a book value of $250.00
3. Defense STINKS! (850)
4. Odds of finding him 1/180
5. Waists time
6. High in Demand
7. Out of Print

Why you should get him:
1. Powerful in ATK
2. Trade Bait

Need to say no more.

Fusion Gate one of the past cards of the week is in our #2 space!
Why should get him:
1. AVG. 3 per box
2. No Polymerization
3. Usable more than once
4. EASY TO FIND! (I have 3)
5. SSP (Super Short Print)
6. Trade Bait

Why you should not get it:
1. Discard your monsters
2. Common
3. NONE!

#3 in our OVER-RATED category is the Dark Magician

First of all it's extremely hard to find now a days. WHY:
1. LOB is out of print
2. Tins are gone
3. New Starter Decks are out
4. Even rare while LOB was in print!

Plus 7 stars for 2500 ATK is pathetic

That's all for this week so long!

Thank you,
The Manga
Yu-Gi-Oh! Corp.

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