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Welcome to the warehouse. E-mail your sig to us and we will store the code here. Look at the bottom.


I'm also known as RareHunter101 and yugi2112

[image noborder]http://www.solomongameshop.com/dragon.JPG[/image]
|[link=www.solomongameshop.com/rarehunter newwindow]Made up cards. Click Here![/link]|[link=pub217.ezboard.com/bmangayugiohboard newwindow]The Wonderful Board
[/link]||[link=www.solomongameshop.com newwindow]One of the best websites ever![/link]|[link=pub65.ezboard.com/bpimps newwindow]Props to another awesome board!|[/link]
Thank you sooooo much to:
djcati (for my past picture upload)
harpiebro (for helping me on the game shop)
[image noborder]http://www.solomongameshop.com/yugi2112pic.JPG[/image]
How to make a signature:
Kuriboh23 explained it on his sig (But a little two hard to understand for you new people). 
If you made a picture follow these intructions:
1. Make a website (I suggest Geocities or Lycos).
2. Upload the picture
3. Enter "Account Preferences".
4. Go to "Use custom signature"
5. Click ezCodes
6. Use this formula:
[*image noborder*]http://www.yoursitehere.com/IMGNAME.txt(such as gif or jpg or bmp) [/image*]
7. Take out the * and get started on your signature!