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The Japanese Restrictions
 Effect/Monster  Chaos Emporer Dragon? The End?     ?
Effect/monster Vampirya Load ?
Effect/monster Injection Angel Fairy Injection Fairy Lily
Effect/monster Killer snake

Sinister Serpent

Effect/monster Creature Sangan
Effect/monster Witch of Black Coming Forest Witch of the Black Forest
Effect/monster Cyber Pod Cyber Jar
Effect/monster Android - Psycho Shocker Jinzo
Effect/monster The Same Family Infection Virus ?
Effect/monster Dollar Gong Twin Headed Benemoth
Effect/monster Hoodlum Hiyoubu Party Exiled Force
Effect/monster Fiber Pod Fiber Jar
Effect/monster It Does to Be Sealed, Exodia Exodia the Forbidden One
Effect/monster It Does to Be Sealed, the Left Foot of the Exodia Left Leg of the Forbidden One
Effect/monster It Does to Be Sealed, the Left Arm of the Exodia Left Arm of the Forbidden One
Effect/monster It Does to Be Sealed, the Right Foot of the Exodia Right Leg of the Forbidden One
Effect/monster It Does to Be Sealed, the Right Arm of the Exodia Right Arm of the Forbidden One
Effect/monster Demon Mirror Derived Loyal Retainer Reflecting Bounder ?
Effect/monster Demon Derived Soldier Blurring Squid - ?
Effect/monster Metamorphosis pot Morphing Jar
Effect/monster Eight Evil Crows Yata Garusa
Magic Newly Rich Goblin Upstart Goblin
Magic Mirage of Nightmare Mirage of Nightmare
Magic Mischievous Favorite Twins Demon Delinquent Duo
Magic Confiscation Confiscation
Magic Large Storm Heavy Storm
Magic Selection of Worry Painful Choice
Magic Coercive Sentry The Forceful Sentry
Magic Robbery Snatch Steal
Magic Avarice Pot of Greed
Magic Change of Mind Change of Heart
Magic Thunder Bolt/Volt Raigeki

The Deceased Revival

Monster Reborn
Magic Power of Teamwork United We Stand
Magic Trench Knife of Butterfly ?
Magic The Hand Destructer Card Destruction
Magic Administering the Angel Graceful Charity
Magic Feather Broom of Harpie Harpie's Feather Duster
Magic Be Too Quick Burial Premature Burial
Magic Protection Seal Sword of Light Swords of Revealing Light
Magic Black Hole Dark Hole
Magic Power of Demon Mage Power
Trap Imperial Order of King Imperial Order
Trap Reversal of World and Evil Boundary ?

The Barrier Which Becomes Saint - Mirror Fourth

Mirror Force
Trap Cease Fire Agreement Ceasefire
Trap Bell of Torment ?
Trap Tube of Magic Magic Cylinder
Trap Rash Greed ?
Trap Call of Living Dead Call Of The Haunted

Japanese Minor Restricted             Manga Yu-Gi-Oh!
Amusement King Official Card Game
(Amusement is Yugi)
Card classification Card name Card name
Effect/monster Chaos Pod Morphing Jar #2
Effect/monster Troop Commander Maruding Captain
Effect/monster Execution Person - Masuyra ?
Magic Forcing Transfer Creature Swap
Magic Reinforcement Reinforcement of the Army
Magic Apostle of Erasure Nobleman of Crossout
Trap Rust Battle! Last Turn

Manga Yu-Gi-Oh!