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A sneak peak to Kaiba's Battle City Finals

First Round:
Joey Wheeler vs. Odeion
The Kaiba Corp blimp is soaring high over Domino city, as round 2 of the Battle city finals are about to begin. Everyone crowds around the selector to see who will be in round 2.
The Bingo balls bounce around the selector, and eventually #2 falls into the first spot followed closely by #7. So round 2 of the finals will be Joey Wheeler, vs. Marik Ishtar (Odieon).

Joey makes some idle threats at Odieon as they make their way to the top of the blimp. The platform rises and they shuffle each others deck. Joey and Odieon take their positions and Joey declares he will win in 9 turns. Duke is confused where he came up with that prediction, but with Joey its best not to ask. Odieon pulls out the Millennium Rod, and Joey gets freaked out seeing the object that controlled him.

Joey tells him to put it away and to duel like a man, and Odieonagrees? He puts the rod into his belt on his back. Yugi says that Marik must know Joey is too strong to be controlled.
But it appears that the rod that Odieon holds is only a replica, and Marik holds the real rod behind his back (How can they miss it) and prefers to stay in the shadows rather than duel himself. But he is worried about Kaiba, and the role he plays in this. Malik then walks us through the old tablet of Yugi dueling Kaiba, who appears to be holding the Millennium Rod and before the finals are over, Kaibas Egyptian God card will be in his possession. All Kaiba cares about is obtaining the Winged Dragon of Ra and he will watch this duel to see how it works.
Marik threatens Odieon with a trip to the shadow realm if he fails, and thus the duel starts.

Joey isnt afraid of Marik as he draws. Words of encouragement are shouted from the sidelines, as Yugi and Duke have a short conversation about Joeys Red Eyes Black Dragon. Lost in thought about becoming famous for beating Marik, Joey drops his hand of cards, but just as they blow over the side he grabs them. Joey questions why the tournament is outside in gusty winds. Joey summons Gear Freed the Iron Knight in attack mode (1800/1600).

On Odieons first move he plays a field card Temple of the Kings, then an Egyptian temple arises from the ground. Odieon tells Joey that Temple of the Kings limits the number of Magic and trap cards that a player can use in one turn. Odieon also sets 2 cards face down and ends his turn. Odieon then provokes Joey to attack, and tells him he has no idea what danger lurks within the temple walls.

Joey plots a move involving Giant Trunade, but he decides to wait a few more turns. But for now he summons Tiny Guardian in attack mode (1400/1800) and ends his turn.
Odieon does exactly what Joey envisioned; he puts 2 cards face down and ends his turn.
Its Joeys turn again, and he summons Hayabusa Knight in attack mode (1000/700). And its time to put his plan into action.
Joey activates Giant Trunade, but it fizzles out just as it reaches Odieons Trap cards. Everyone wonders why it didnt work.

Joey wants to know why his Giant Trunade didnt work. Odieon explains by activating Giant Trunade, Joey has activated one of Odieons most dangerous traps, Judgment of Anubis.

Counter Trap
Discard 1 card from your hand. Negate and destroy a Magic card
activation and effect that has a [Destroy Magic/Trap cards on the
Field] effect controlled by your opponent. Afterward, you can
destroy 1 of your opponent's face-up Monsters on the Field, and
do damage to your opponent equal to that Monster's attack
[From Edos]

But Odieons must be special, because his version destroys all monsters on the field and deducts half their attack points from Joeys Life Points, Joeys Life Points drop to 1900.

Joey tries to make Odieon believe that he fell into the trap on purpose, Joeys gonna kick his game up a notch, although Serenity is the only one that believes him. On Odieons turn he places 2 more cards face down and ends his turn. Joey goes on a rant how they call the game Duel Monsters and not Duel Trap cards. Odieon will continue on with his style of playing.
Joey starts his turn by playing Alligators Sword in attack mode (1500/1200) and Odieon taunts him into attacking.

Joey holds off his attack and puts 1 card face down to end his turn. Odieon draws and skips his turn. And Joey also passes his turn (Man I just had a flashback to Metapod vs. Metapod). Odieon once again passes and its back to Joey.

Joey is getting angry, and summons Rocket Warrior in attack mode (1500/????). Joey didnt enter the finals to watch, he came to duel. Joey orders Rocket Warrior to attack directly. But Odieon activates his trap Eye of Udjat. Now Rocket Warrior is under Odieons control, and he turns it around to attack Alligators Sword. But Joey activates HIS trap card, Fairy Box. It puts Alligators Sword in a whack a mole game. When Alligators Sword pops its head up, Rocket Warrior goes in for the dive bomb. After it explodes it looks around, and Alligators sword pops its head out from another hole.

Joey and Odieon taunt each other back and forth, and Joey has fallen into another Trap. He explains how he may be short on monsters, but he possesses a trap card that is both a trap AND a monster. And when Joey attacked, he activated it. It is called Embodiment of Appopus. But its worse, Joey not only activated 1 Trap, but 3 Embodiment of Appopus cards. Out come 3 Snake people things (1600 X 3). And as soon as he attacks, Joey is finished!

To be Continued.
Yugi Motou vs. Bakura Ryou
Its dinnertime aboard the Kaiba Corp blimp, as our heros eat dinner, all first class of course, they wish the best of luck to each other in the finals. Of course Joey is too busy stuffing his face. Joey then notices Mariks (Odions) presence and he will be the one to give him his comeuppance.

Joey loses his train of thought as he bumps into Bakura. Joey questions how he qualified so fast, and Bakura tells him that he got all 6 locator cards at once. Joey seems amazed with Bakuras luck. Bakura then tells Joey the story about his little romp in the graveyard, and his duel with Bonz for 5 locator cards. Joey finds it creepy to duel Bonz in the graveyard and force him to give up his locator cards.

Kaiba then brings out his lottery machine (surprise surprise it looks like a blue eyes ultimate dragon) to choose the order of the first round of the finals. Tristian gets the sudden urge to shout Bingo. Each duelist was previously given a number, which corresponds to different numbered balls in the bingo thing. Its all random so you wont know whom you are dueling until just before you duel.

It lists off the number of each duelist, which isnt really important for me to list since it will all be random anyway. This segways into one of Kaibas guards coming to get Ishizu. But due to her Millennium Necklace she has seen the future, so her presence in watching the lottery is useless, she already knows she will not be picked. But she does know who will, and its one of those Fate of the World stuff.

And now its time for BINGO as they random numbers are selected. Bouncy bouncy as the first number drops into the tray. Number 6, is selected, and followed by number 3. So its Bakura vs. Yugi for the first match. Yugi doesnt seem to trust Bakura, Kaiba wont SHUT UP about the Egyptian God cards, and Joey is just glad he doesnt have to duel Yugi. They go on about the rules more, but its nothing we havent heard already.

Yugi ponders to himself about Bakura not really being Bakura, but the Spirit of the Millennium Ring on the elevator ride to the top of the blimp. Once they get there, a compartment opens and the dueling arena is unfolded. Several minutes of talking occur just to establish that its cold outside. Bakura then reveals himself to be the Spirit of the Millennium Ring and a flashback to duelist kingdom shows up. Joey and Tea then try to tell Namu about the Millennium Items by calling Bakuras Bad, and Yugis Good.

Bakura in true evil villain fashion almost gives away Mariks whole secret. Marik then mind yells at him, saying hes giving away too much information, and threatens to take over his mind if he doesnt cooperate. Bakura stays cool and shoots back at Marik with another if you could have beaten Yugi you would have spiel. 4000 Life Points are displayed and this duel officially starts.

Bakura goes first and plays The Portraits Secret in attack mode (1200 attack) and ends his turn. Yugi questions Bakura playing a weak monster in attack mode and wonders why he played such a monster. Yugi retaliates by summoning Gazelle the king of Mythical beasts (1500 attack) and destroys Bakuras monster dropping his Life Points to 3700. Yugi then Places one card face down and ends his turn.
Bakura starts by playing The Gross Ghost of Fled dreams in attack mode (1300 attack) and ends his turn. Yugi draws, and summons Gamma the Magnet Warrior in attack mode (1500 attack). Gamma destroys Bakuras monster, and Gazelle goes in for a 1500 direct attack leaving Bakura at a mere 2000 Life Points.

On Bakuras turn, he draws Destiny Board (F), and he also summons another monster, The Headless Knight in attack mode (1450 attack). On Yugis turn he attacks with Gamma, and another Direct attack from Gazelle leaves Bakura at a lowly 450 LP.

Bakura starts laughing as his Ring glows as Bakura draws. Bakura holds one of his strongest cards. He describes how he had to wait until 3 of his monsters were destroyed before he could summon his Dark Destructor. Bakura then summons Dark Necrofear in attack mode. (2200 attack) (Minus the Baby Doll she is holding for some reason. I guess its a real baby because you can still hear crying) And Yugi has fallen into Bakuras trap.

Bakura hypes his Necrofear by saying it is one of the strongest monsters in his deck. He tells Yugi about a dark power hidden within his Necrofear. But Yugi stays confident as Bakura sets 2 M/T cards face down and ends his turn.

Yugi sacrifices Gazelle for his Dark Magician Girl (2000 attack) as it stands right now, Dark Magician Girl is too weak to defeat Bakuras Necrofear, but Yugi activates his face down card, Magic Formula. This card Raises Dark Magician Girls attack by 500, making it more than Dark Necrofear. Yugi attacks Bakuras monster, but Bakura just thanks him for doing exactly what he wanted him to. Bakura has been carefully manipulating Yugis moves thus far. Bakura than plays a field card, Dark Sanctuary. The Dueling Field is surrounded in Reddish darkness, as well as a bunch of cool eyeballs and mouths. Bakura informs Yugi that this duel is Far from over, and he should prepare to experience an evil he has never seen before...
Where we last left Yugi he was dueling in the Battle City Finals against Bakura. It seemed to be an easy duel until Bakura turned it around. We left off as Bakura activated his Dark Sanctuary card.

Bakura stays confidant as he stands at 150 Life Points. And with good reason, The Ghost of the Dark Sanctuary is now protecting him. Bakura provokes Yugi by telling him to attack if he is so confident. He has Gamma the Magnet Warrior attack Bakuras Life Points directly. But suddenly out pops the ghost you see floating around the Dark Sanctuary for a counter attack. Bakura explains how his monster is possessed by the evil ghost of the Dark Sanctuary and will attack Yugi instead of Bakura. Bakura explains how when a possessed monster attacks, half of their attack points come out of Yugis Life Points, and just so they dont go to waste, they are added into Bakuras Life Points.

Yugis Life Points drop to 3250, and Bakuras rise to 900.

On Bakuras Turn he plays Destiny Board. Bakura can now communicate with lost souls in the Shadow Realm, and they will spell out a message for Yugi. Suddenly an F appears over the Destiny Board revealing Yugis first message. Bakura informs Yugi that once all 5 letters are revealed he will lose absolutely everything.

Yugi is confidant he can beat the Destiny Board in less than 4 turns because it is his Destiny to win. Isnt it Ironic that Yugi has to defeat the Destiny Board in order to fulfill his Destiny?

Bakura starts his turn by playing the Dark Door. It makes it so only one of Yugis monsters can attack per turn. Then Bakura summons Earthbound Spirit, but sacrifices it to keep his Dark Sanctuary card in play. Bakura Also secretly plays Dark Spirit of the Silent face down and ends his turn.

Yugi draws Kuriboh, and debates on which monster to attack, and since Gamma is possessed, he decides he is going to attack with the Dark Magician Girl. But first Yugi summons Kuriboh in defense mode, and then orders Dark Magician Girl to attack Bakura Directly. Whoops did Bakura forget to mention he can choose a new target for his ghost each turn, this turn it was in the Dark Magician Girl. Yugis Life Points Drop to 2000 and Bakuras once again rise to 2150.

Now that Yugis turn is over, the Destiny Board reveals another Letter to add to the Message. Now we are up to F and I of the message. Yugi informs Bakura that you can only play up to 5 Magic or trap cards at one time. Bakura informs Yugi that as long as Dark Sanctuary is in play he can play more than 5 M/T cards.

Bakura is up, and he summons Sangan, only to sacrifice it to keep the Dark Sanctuary card in play. Bakura then draws another card because Sangan was sent to the Graveyard.
Yugi Draws, and Bakura decides to keep the ghost inside of Dark Magician Girl. Yugi struggles in deciding what monster to attack with.

Yugi starts his turn by summoning Big Shield Guardna in defense mode. Yugi decides to attack with Gamma because it will do less damage if its the possessed one. Just as Gamma attacks, Bakura activates a trap, Dark Spirit of the Silent, it stops Gammas attack, and forces Dark Magician Girl to attack, to which the ghost counter attacks Yugi. Yugis Life Points Drop to 750, where Bakuras climb to 3500.

Bakura taunts Yugi, as he thinks about how he could destroy the Spirit. He sees some cards in his hand that might be able to help, so he sets 2 cards face down, and ends his turn. But time is running out as the 3rd letter N is revealed. 2 Short turns remain then its over proclaims Bakura.

On Bakuras turn he plays Souls of the Forgotten, and sacrifices it to the Dark Sanctuary. On Yugis turn he puts his plan into action as he activates Collected Power, now The Magic Formula Card, as well as the ghost are inside Kuriboh, to which Yugi plays another magic card, Exile of the Wicked, to destroy Kuriboh as well of the Ghost of the Dark Sanctuary. Marik has a little chat with Bakura telling him hes lost control of the duel, and has crushed his strategy. Marik Reminds him that if he loses this duel he wont be able to claim the god cards thus never getting the Millennium Items he seeks.

But Yugis move isnt over yet, as he activates Monster Reborn, to reborn none other than Bakuras own Dark Necrofear. And once Dark Necrofear hits the field, the Dark Sanctuary is destroyed thus not letting him have more than 5 M/Ts on the field at once. Yugi then has Dark Necrofear attack Bakura directly, dropping his Life Points to 1200.
Bakura then adds the 4th letter to his spirit message, A. Yugi finally figures out the message is FINAL. But with 5 cards on the field already Bakura must discard the dark door card in order to finish his message thus freeing Yugi from only attacking once per turn.
Bakura draws what could be his final card, and is pleased to find out what it is. The Card he holds in his hand is the key to annihilating Yugi.
So Dark Sanctuary has been destroyed, and things look grim for Bakura. But Bakura stays confidant as he holds a card that will surely turn this duel around.

Bakuras big monster is none other then Jowgen the Spiritualist (200/1300). By discarding one card in his hand, Jowgen can destroy all specially summoned monsters on the field, mainly the Dark Necrofear. And with Dark Necrofear back in Bakuras graveyard, the power of Dark Sanctuary is activated once again. And now Bakura is no longer restricted to 5 magic zones, and he can play the final letter of the Destiny Board.
Joey and company give some encouraging words to Yugi telling him not to give up.

Bakura sacrifices Jowgen to keep Dark Sanctuary in play, and places a 6th card face down and ends his turn. This is Yugis last change to stop Bakura, for at the end of his turn the Destiny Board will reveal the final letter (More Irony!). And now the ghost is back to possess one of Yugis monsters once again. We are informed that it doesnt matter if Yugi doesnt choose the possessed monster, for he set another Dark Spirit of the Silent, so he will make him choose the possessed monster. So either way, it seems that Bakura will win.

Duke has doubt in Yugi, saying he has no options left and Mai unfortunately agrees. But Tristian, Joey, and Tea have faith in their friend, and he will win! Yugi tells Yami that the only chance they have is if they play Slifer the Sky Dragon this turn, but with it not in their hand they only have a small chance on drawing it.

Yami uses the Heart of the Cards. Thunder fills the arena as Yugi sacrifices Dark Magician Girl, Gamma the Magnet Warrior, and Big Shield Guardna, for Slifer the Sky Dragon! (at this time 3000/3000)

Really cool final fantasy/ Opera music plays as a bolt of Lighting slowly forms into Slifer the Sky Dragon. Bakura questions how he can defeat such an all-powerful beast. Joey and the gang are terrified at their first sight of an Egyptian God card and Slifer is so enormous that he circles the Blimp.

Ishizus millennium necklaces prediction has come true, the pharaoh has summoned Slifer. *Flashback to Pharaoh Yami* He is the only one capable of defeating Marik.

Marik then describes how Slifer works to Bakura. Bakura shrugs him off and orders his ghost to possess Slifer, but is immediately destroyed. But with the ghost destroyed, and no cards in his hand, Bakuras trap card is useless, and now he has no monsters guarding his Life Points. But Marik has an Ace in the hole

Just as Yugi is about to attack, Odieon approaches the field (complete with Millennium rod). He tells Yugi that he is now in control of Bakura, as well as the Spirit of the Millennium Ring, and will prove it by freeing Bakura. Marik tells him to go along with the plan, for the reason that Yugi wouldnt destroy his friend.

And Suddenly (non yami) Bakura is back, and immediately grabs his hurt arm and falls to his knees. Everyone is worried about Bakura, and he doesnt remember where he is, or how he got there, or even what happened to his arm. Odieon warns Yugi about attacking Bakura in his weakened state. Yugi rushes over to help Bakura but is stopped by the Referee, telling him if he leaves his position he forfeits the duel.

Yugi must make an important decision, attack his friend and win the duel, or not attack and forfeit to help Bakura. Joey tries climbing up on the platform to yell at the ref, but gets pulled down after he gets threatened to be disqualified.

Marik then screws up by telling Yami Bakura that maybe he will attack if he wants to win the finals. This opens Bakuras eyes and he realizes that he needs Bakura and cant risk his health, for he holds the Millennium Ring and Yami Bakuras Spirit.

Yami Bakura is back in control of Bakura. He tells Yugi that if he wishes to attack, then he should attack him instead. Yami is quick to oblige and orders Slifer to attack, Bakura says that he will be back to claim whats his. Bakura is attacked and the Millennium Ring is sent flying off and Bakuras Life Points fall to 0. Slifer disappears as Bakura is left unconscious. Yugi is declared the winner of the duel, the arena is lowered, and Yugi runs to help Bakura. He wakes up and Tristian puts him on his back so he can get him some medical attention.

Yugi then compares the Puzzle to the Ring, as they both hold another spirit inside them. And although the Spirit of the Ring is evil, it still needs Bakura to survive, to which is the same with Yami within the puzzle. But the difference is that Yami and Yugi are friends and partners, and Bakuras Ring controls him against his will. Yugi promises Yami he will figure out the secrets of his hidden past, as well as his hidden powers for they share the same Destiny.

Yugi is back in his body, and runs to catch up with the others but is stopped by the ref. He reminds him about battle city rules and how he can take the rarest card in Bakuras deck. Yugi declines because Bakuras been through enough already.

They get Bakura into his bed and he is resting as they all question what happened with Marik back in the duel. Yugi explains to Joey about the difference between Yami Bakura, and Bakura, and how he wasnt really attacking Bakura in a sense.
They all leave to talk to Kaiba into landing the blimp so Bakura can get some medical attention; Tea decides to stay with Bakura to watch over him. Its at this time Yugi notices that the Millennium Ring is gone, and wonders where it disappears to.

Once the gang all leaves Teas eyes glaze over. Shes being controlled once again, and she has none other than the Millennium ring in her hand. The ring glows Purple as the episode ends with Mariks maniacal laughter.

First Round:
Mai Valentine vs. Marik Ishtar
First off, i know the Japanese verson of the show is much different so you don't need to point out that i'm wrong.
Well this is the third duel in the Battle City Finals between Mai and Marik.

The episode begins inside Odieons room. He is being treated by the doctors onboard the blimp. Odieon is fine medically; hes just knocked out. Yugi and the gang remain in the dark to just who Odieon is.

A friendship speech is said by Mai, to which Joey flashes back to his dream. It was because of his friends that gave Joey the power to get to his feet. Tristian makes a comment about Joey dreaming about making vanilla pudding with a monkey, which seems to @#%$ Joey off.

But then they realize that they are about to announce who is going to be in the next round. So everyone but Joey, Mai, and Tea leave. Mai asks Joey if she was in his dream as well as the others. Joey doesnt want to admit to Mai they he was dreaming about her, so he lies and says she wasnt in the dream. He covers up with lame excuses like he dreams about cars, playing soldiers, and eating donuts. Joey walks out of the room, but Mai is really upset. She feels like Joey doesnt even consider her a friend.

Joey doesnt want Mai to think that he is thinking about her, and Tea catches up to him and gives him an earful about how Mai just wanted to be accepted. Mai thinks to herself that her and Odieon share a trait of being forgotten.
Who needs friends, Mai got to where she is today by herself. No one tells her what to do, and thats how she both lives and duels. After all there is only one person you can count on in the heat of battle, and that person is yourself.

The scene changes to the Blue Eyes Bingo Machine to choose the next 2 duelists. Joey thinks that Marik should be DQed because he signed up with a fake name. But the Battle City finals are about talent, not about names. Plus Kaiba wants to get his hands on the Winged Dragon of Ra.

The first number chosen is #4 Mai Valentine. The selector begins again, but Mai doesnt stay to find out whom she is dueling. She will win no matter who it is. Mai doesnt want Yugi and the others to watch, she can win on her own. And Mai also is peeved at a certain blond guy in the group. Joey doesnt consider her a friend, so she doesnt consider him one either. Mai then leaves to the platform.

A doctor comes out of Odieons room and runs into Yami Marik. Marik then takes over the guard and takes his key. Marik decides to make Odieon take a little trip to the Shadow Realm. Marik doesnt want Odieon to wake up and try to contain him again.
(NOTE: I know everyone will be talking about it to death so let me pull the trigger. They edited the dagger hidden within the rod back to the Millennium Rod itself. So try to talk about something other than that.)
Marik tells Odieon to give his father a message for him. Tell him I cant thank him enough for creating me
Just before Marik is about to do the deed, he is distracted by the TV saying that Marik is in the next round of the Finals, lucky for Odieon but Marik will be back.

Mai is standing on the platform awaiting Mariks arrival. Marik warns Mai to prepare to be cast into the shadows as the platform rises.
They prepare their dueling decks and Ladies first and Mai summons Dunamis Dark Witch in attack mode (1800/1050) and ends her turn.

For Mariks turn, he summons his Revival Jam in defense mode (1500/500) and activates a magic Card Jam Breeding Machine. Joey and the gang show up late just as Mai is about to take her turn. Tea asks about the Revival Jam and a flash back to Buster Blader attacking it. Marik sees fear in Mais eyes.

On Mais turn, Yugi tries to warn her about Revival Jam, but she doesnt listen and attacks it and it reforms. On Mariks turn he plays Pot of Greed and draws his 2 cards. The Jam Breeding Machine then activates creating the first slime token (500/500). Marik then plays a face down card, which is most likely Jam Defender.

On Mais turn she plays her Harpies Feather Duster destroying Mariks breeding Machine and face down card. Mai orders Dunamis Dark Witch to attack the slime token and Mariks Life Points drop to 2700. Mai finishes up her turn by putting a card face down.

Marik summons Melchid the Four faced beast (1500/1200) but sacrifices it as well as Revival Jam to special summon The Masked Beast Des Gardius (3300/2500). Marik orders it to attack the Dark Witch. But Mai activates her trap card, Mirror Wall. Its attack is dropped to 1650 and thus is destroyed by Mais Dark Witch. Mariks Life Points drop to 2550 and Marik takes control of Mais monster due to Des Gardius effect. Marik then plays Remove Trap on Mirror Wall destroying it.

Marik then brings out his Millennium Rod. Marik wants to finish this duel in the true home of Duel Monsters; the Shadow Realm. The arena covers in darkness, let the Shadow Game begin.

Yugi orders Marik to stop this but he refuses for the Shadows are hungry and need to be fed. Yugi tells Mai to forfeit because there is more at stake then she realizes. Mai refuses to surrender and Mais turn approaches as we continue this Shadow Game.

Mai puts 1 card face down, and summons the Unfriendly Amazon in attack mode (2000/1000). The Amazon starts to glow, and Marik explains that the Amazon is a symbol of her mind. Every time Mai loses a monster she will lose part of her mind.

Mai orders the Unfriendly Amazon to attack Dunamis Dark Witch and Mariks Life Points drop to 2350. But Dark Witch was Mais monster so Mai loses some more of her memories. Marik explains that each monster holds the memory of a person they keep close in his or her mind. And when the monster is destroyed, the memory of the person is gone too.

And the first forgotten memory is Tea. All of Mais friends are shown on a white background and disappear. But she shouldnt worry; she isnt losing all of them yetjust 1. Then Tea disappears.
This is just the beginning; the Shadow Realm holds another twist, like an eternal nightmare. Only this is quite real

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